About Us

Our Goal

Eclipse Promotions provides clients with promotional products assisting in the success of programs, campaigns & special events!

Every company is looking for a way to make their marketing work harder for them and create a successful promotion – meaning a promotion that is easily trackable and creates positive measurable results. 

Eclipse Promotions has been helping clients create incentive programs to drive both sales opportunities and internal recognition since 2005.  We work with you to develop targeted ideas that make your marketing work harder for you.  Let us create a top notch marketing program for you and we will give you a special incentive that will make it worth your while!

Again, thank you for visiting our site! Our online catalog of over 500,000 promotional items is accessible simply by going to the "search" button. So, you have the option of either searching yourself by price, category or product, or contacting us direct.

We offer a NO-RISK guarantee!  Yes, it means exactly what it says.  If you are not happy with your order, we will redo the order at no cost to you, or refund your money 100%.

All these programs increase your sales, boost morale and create loyalty for your company!

All include quality products that feature your name and logo that keeps your good name and professional image in front of your clients, employees and vendors.